Your Entire Network – Discovered

bitB is a dynamic network mapping software that creates 100% accurate network visualizations in seconds, removing the need for a tedious, manual effort.

Get Next Gen Support With bitB

Network maps are critical, but seldom are they maintained or drawn as they should be.

  • Automate the discovery of all network devices
  • Dynamically create and automatically update network maps
  • Collect relevant data on all network devices
  • Compare critical network tables between past and present time intervals
  • Create network path visualizations across the network

How bitB is Revolutionizing Network Mapping

Hierarchical route-driven maps

  • Instant and automatic
  • Uses CLI to collect data
  • Automatically updates maps at each polling interval that you choose
  • Maps your entire network
  • Easily follow a path through your network

Different topologies

  • Physical: Unique and effective
  • Logical: Ahead of the tech curve
  • vPhysical: The new virtual visualization

Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Choose your preferred view
  • Use intuitive dashboards
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dynamic network tables provide access to collected information and can be sorted, filtered, searched, and easily exported to Excel and other tools.
  • Complete inventory of device information
  • Create your own hierarchy
  • Save time – you’re no longer required to connect to every network device to create network drawings.
  • Doesn’t require SNMP to work – uses SSH and Telnet

3 Standard Topologies Fit for Your Data Center or Enterprise Network

Uniquely Physical: Layer 1 Topology

  • Physical devices
  • Physical interfaces
  • Devices only appear once

Logical & Ahead of the Tech Curve: Layer 3 Topology

  • Layer 3 routing (subnets & interface IP addresses)
  • Switched virtual interfaces (SVIs)
  • Loopback interfaces
    Tunnel interfaces

vPhysical & Next Level: Layer 2 Topology

  • Layer 2 switching (VLANs)
  • Physical devices can appear multiple times but once per physical instance
    • Security context (Cisco ASA, FTD)
    • Virtual device context (Nexus VDC)
  • vPhysical device grouping

Unmatched Network Health Monitoring

bitB insights and monitoring capabilities provide up-to-date information on the health of your network and any changes that impact health or security. As soon as something happens, you’ll know what it was and where it was so mitigation is faster, easier, and more effective than with manual network monitoring processes.

bitB Insight Dashboard

View network and security health statistics, analytics for bitB services, inventories on your devices and configurations, and critical information about IP routes, manufacturer IPs, and AP & SSID user counts.

  • Create & share dashboards
  • See the data that’s most important to you
  • View interval comparisons of dynamic network data

bitB Change Assist Dashboard

Always know what’s happening in your network. If a change occurs, easily view the change and surrounding timetable of activity, and address issues quickly and effectively.

  • Get a complete comparison of critical network tables before, during, and after a change
  • Troubleshoot network outages using interval comparisons
  • Conduct root cause analysis

bitB Path View

Quickly see the layer 3 path between two devices to easily follow the source to the destination, or the destination to the source.

  • View two independent paths between two devices
  • Easily see routes for each network device in the path
  • Quickly detect routing loops and asymmetric routing

bitB Network Tables

bitB creates dynamic network tables for every network device, giving you instant access to device information, including how they are connected, all in one place.

  • All data and devices are shown in a single view
  • View L2 and L3 neighbor discovery tables
  • Access critical network tables and adjust to apply column groupings and filters for easy navigation
  • Search for text to easily find information you need
  • Export tables to CSV, Excel, or PDF

Remove the Guesswork

bitB tracks every network device, so you know your device inventory instantly and accurately. Asset management has never been easier.

  • Enjoy robust filtering and grouping
  • Cisco EoX reporting capabilities

It’s Time to Know Your Network

bitB makes network management and monitoring easier than ever. Enjoy automated, 100% accurate, dynamic network visualization in seconds, and get to know your network – and all of its devices – better than you ever thought you could.

Faster meantime-to-resolution

Effective root cause analysis

Improved experience for help desk personnel and tier 1 engineers

Dynamic comparisons of network tables

Helpful for migrations, consolidations, and changes

Ready to know your network?