QoS Networking: Empowering Companies with Accurate & Dynamic Network Visibility

QoS Networking Founder Brad Wilson saw a fundamental problem with traditional network mapping: despite how critical network maps are for business function, they’re seldom maintained or even drawn correctly. As a result, there has been an a ongoing lack of understanding within organizations as to how their networks work – leading to a greater risk of missing crucial and time-sensitive security flaws and vulnerabilities.

So, Brad did something about it.

Developing bitBTM (Brad in the Box)

To give companies the benefit of his networking expertise and unparalleled approach to automatic, complete network visualizations, Brad put himself (hypothetically) right into their networks. bitBTM puts companies ahead of network device flaws and vulnerabilities, and gives them an edge over competitors still struggling to create manual network drawings.

Our Mission

Our company provides a truly different approach to network design, implementation, and support by delivering fast, accurate, dynamic network mapping, security, and visibility.

Our Vision

We’re revolutionizing the way network professionals visualize their company’s networks by providing fast, accurate, readable, and automated network maps that give visibility into all devices at once.

The Experts at the Helm

Meet the leadership team, comprised of networking experts dedicated to helping companies simplify network mapping to support overall business operations.

Brad's portrait

Brad Wilson

Founder & CEO, and bitB Creator

Jerry's portrait

Jerry Mount


Join the QoS Networking Team

If you get excited about networking, you’ll be really excited to work with our revolutionary network mapping software, bitB. Browse open career opportunities and consider joining our team!