QoS Networking Releases Expanded Network Mapping with bitB 5.0

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QoS Networking, Inc.
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Latest Software Offers Enhanced Device Auto-Discovery and Mapping Capabilities

CLIFTON PARK, NY – QoS Networking, an enterprise network design, implementation, and support services provider, has just released the next version of its revolutionary network visualization tool, bitB 5.0.

This expansion of the bitB network mapping software capabilities provides several notable benefits for network and business professionals looking to better understand their networks, and identify and address device security or other issues quickly and efficiently.

Some of the notable differences of bitB 5.0 include:

  • the bitB Insight Dashboard, which monitors the health and security configurations of network devices from a single, easy-to-customize dashboard.
  • the ChangeAssist™ Dashboard, which allows users to instantly see what has changed in their network and view a complete comparison of critical network tables before, during, and after a network change.
  • PathView, which shows the Layer 3 path between two devices, and can be used to highlight route changes in the path between User and Server within a single location or across remote locations.

bitB 5.0 and its capabilities underscores QoS Networking’s commitment to helping business and networking professionals easily manage their network infrastructure and operations by removing the tedious, manual effort that is often required for traditional network mapping.

Saving time, increasing productivity, and supporting greater device and network security have always been core pillars of the QoS Networking brand, and are carried through with the capabilities offered by the bitB software solution.

“We’re proud to have pioneered a truly new and different approach to network mapping with bitB, and this newest version demonstrates our focus on continuous improvement for our customers,” says Brad Wilson, QoS Networking Founder and bitB Creator. “bitB will always be evolving to keep up with the complexities of the networked environment,” he says, “and it’s our goal to continue adding functionalities that cannot be achieved through any other networking mapping software.”

bitB offers fast, 100% accurate network mapping that provides accurate device discovery and dynamic network visualizations without the manual effort.

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About QoS Networking:

QoS Networking is an enterprise network design, implementation, and support services company that helps network and business professionals better understand and manage their network infrastructures and operations. QoS Networking is also the creator of the revolutionary network visualization tool bitB, which can discover every device on a network in seconds and creates automated, 100% accurate, hierarchical network maps. It’s time to know your network. Learn more at

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