Hands Off Network Mapping at Cisco Live!

See How Our bitB Software Creates Accurate Network Maps Without the Manual Effort Visit us at Cisco Live! to see how our bitB software removes the tedious, manual effort of drawing network diagrams. bitB is fast, 100% accurate, and delivers complete visibility into how all of your devices are connected within your network. We are […]

Big News! Fortinet support added to bitB!

We are excited to welcome Fortinet to the bitB family! SSH Discovery, Multi-VDOM Support, IPSec Tunnel Overlay, Logical Maps and Data Grids, vPhysical Maps and Data Grids, Physical Maps and Data Grids

Big News! bitB v4 – Released Today!

Code-named the Saratoga Build, is now released! bitB v4 includes six great new features! 1 Location Groups – Address, Building, Floor, Closet 2 Customizable Icon Selection – Network Devices and End Nodes 3 Mapping and Polling of End Nodes 4 TCP Service Scanning of End Nodes 5 Network Device Discovery using SNMP 6 Meraki API […]